About VARC

Welcome to VARC  Psychic Tarot and Intuitive Readers.We are your UK number one Psychic Tarot and Spiritual Service provider,providing you with the very best professional and confidential service.With us you will get the very best in customer service and readers and psychic insite . We provide extensive live 1 and 1 reading ,on several areas of life our most popular readings covering issues such as love and relationship ,family life ,career advise and path guidance ,spiritual guidance and various other aspect of life .These readings are given to you either by you contacting one our live readers or if you prefer a more in-depth 1 and 1 service you may prefer an email reading which will also be provided by selected readers,you will get your email readings within 48hrs . You can also get your issues or insite via SMS service within 24 hrs.

Mission Statement

Our readers are among the best of the best,deriving from a wide background and experiences ,full of insite-ful information .We are here to help you as best we can within means .Am sure one of our insite-ful readers will provide the guidance you need to get you on your desired path in life. We have psychic clairvoyant,mediums and tarot readers available 24 hrs 7 days per week available to serve your needs . We understand certain personal issues may not be easily discussed ,so we will be very patient in getting you to relax and get the best out of your reading with us,providing you with an amazing and spot on responses and insiteful answers to your questions .

You do not necessarily need to have a particular question at hand ,but if you do that is not am issue. We have free hand psychics ,these readers do not use any tool apart from they own psychic power and intuition . Be it with the use of cards or just plain energy reading we can help you get the answers you need and get on the correct path you desire .

Here at VARC every customer matters and is treated with the otter most care and respect with there issues and privacy.Thus we will continue to have a wide and extensive loyal customer base across the UK  . We have repeat callers some call in just to give our readers an update and feedback on readings and predictions given .

Our Philosophy

Our Psychics Tarot and Intuitive readers will get to your love and relationship issue ,your career issues,matters of the heart ,spiritual trouble ,energy block ,and help you and give directions on how to keep spiritual blocks and energy blocks away from your life ,helping you to live and enjoy a more positive live ,supporting you in manifesting your dreams. Test any of our Psychic Tarot and intuitive readers today and you will be pleasantly surprised,you have free will use it ,you do have a choice to know what is ahead or give clarity to your self ,build your confidence ,call any of our psychics as they are more than capable of helping you live a happier and more full filled life . At VARC we believe in the 80-20 principles of happiness.

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