How To Become a Reader With VARC

Hello and Welcome to V.A.R.C Communication LTD, where we are fully interactive and automated service system.The system is used to introduce the reader of the tarot with the client who is seeking guidance or direction.

Readers are expected to deliver a professional and reading always leaving the client in a re-assuring manner. V.A.R.C Communication Limited as provider will provide you with all a full guide on all you need to know about becoming a phone Psychic, Tarot, Angel cards, Medium and Clairvoyant reader on VARCPSYCHICTAROT.CO.UK

VARC  GATHER  the best of the best readers, the dedicated and professional who enjoy listening and helping the callers .Callers received the very best service. If you are looking to work from home as a psychic and wants to become a member of a winning and thriving team then we would live to hear from you .

If you are a Psychic, clairvoyant or spiritual medium, Tarot or angel card reader ,with at least 1 year experience of working professionally on the phones, or in any other professional manner with clients .You will need to be 18 yrs and over and have full access to a land line telephone.

The benefit of working from the comfort of your own home, any where in your home, the benefits are plentiful.

Next to nothing in overhead cost to pay, no petrol ,no parking cost, no lunch bills. Nothing to loose as you are working from the comfort of your own home , you can choose your own working hours, VARC  is A 24 hrs a day 365 days a year service, so you have the opportunity to earn money from home when its suits you on your time.We have a fantastic and well recommended group of psychic medium and tarot readers who are already earning money through revenue share from home by using their land line phone to take calls, why not join them ?

Application Process Once we have received your application and information along with a recent photo graph, full head shot, we will contact you by phone within 48 hrs, to confirm all your details and carry out a test reading . If you are successful in gaining a vacant position as a reader, you will not be an employee of VARC Communication Ltd.You work for yourself and are responsible for your own income tax and national insurance payment. You will decide your own working pattern and hours. You will need to register as self-employed with H.M.R.C.You are also fully responsibly for your own working Environment and health.

ContractYour signed contract before commencing a reader, acknowledgment that you fully understand your position You should investigate the various tax reliefs and support which are made available depending on your personal circumstance.

Note : For  further information and to obtain an  application form please email us at


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