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Maria - Pin: 1962

My name is Maria and I have been a working Psychic for over 35 years. My Psychic abilities and my Tarot card reading gift work hand in hand to give clarity of mind and direction. I have a wealth of knowledge regarding the art of divination and as well as the Tarot I read Runes and work with crystals and pendulums I specialize in many fields such as matters of the heart and general day to day issues such as employment, general relationships and anything that presents its self as a problem. This is where my Psychic abilities prove to be intuitive and enlightening. Pin :1962

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Alecia - Pin: 1978

Alecia has a wealth of experience dealing with general life and spiritual issue, She has been reading the tarot and Angel cards for over 10 years.She uses the tarot cards to help to get clarity.If you are seeking the truth you have come to the right, Alecia can then tune into individuals using her spirit guides Helping you on your path, Pin:1978

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V. ANGEL - PIN: 4610

Specialize in love and relationship and all family and matters of the heart. Agony Aunt, distance spiritual healing.Angel is a psychic, tarot reader and from a generation of healers. Her interest in the area first began when she was a child. she has a deep-running connection with the energy in our world. Angel understands and appreciates her gifts by using it to help others and channeled it into tarot card readings Angel cards which she has now been reading for 20 years. After concentrating on having my extraordinary abilities through tarot cards she started practicing spiritual and energy readings too, which she has now been doing for 16 years. she uses her spiritual gift to tune into any issues or questions that you are facing so that I may guide you to the best possible solution. she believes in the law of attraction in the areas of love, relationships and all matters of the human desire. Angel is able to utilize her abilities to assist you with many other areas of your life that you wish to explore, such as career and your prosperity, Call now!

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Colins - PIN: 1710

I find Anglo-Saxon Runes help me to answer specific questions and to look into possibilities. I also use Western, Eastern and Runes. I have been reading tarot for over 30 years, and also teach the art to the gifted. Being aware and prepared for what’s next can make a huge difference to your life. I also an expert on herbal remedies and cures. Also I am a clairvoyant, who can contact the dead, and converse with them. Colin's Availability:- Monday 4am-10am, Tuesday 4am-10am, Wednesday 4am-10am, Thursday 4am-10am, Friday 4am-10am, Saturday 4am-10am & Sunday 4am-10am.

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Starling - PIN: 4661

My Name is Starling I specialise in love and relationships, I look to see what is happening around the relationship, your partner’s thoughts and possible outcomes. I also can focus on all other areas of your life. I focus on the energy and clarify the situation. My clients say that I am a reader that links quickly with your energy, and gain a clear insight with the reading.

Pagans And Paganism

Who is a Pagan – Firstly let’s look at the word itself where does the word Pagan come from ,according to most dictionaries ,the word pagan derives from the Latin word paganus which means (country dweller) a pagan is however referred to as a person or persons who worship more than one God and Goddess, working either together or alone .
A pagan can also be seen as one who indulges in worldly delights and material position ,but does all these things really justify who a pagan is (that I cannot verify ) Another way to describe a pagan in our contemporary world is to refer to him or her as a Wicca . (From a Pagan to paganism) .
So what is paganism .From my understanding it’s a religion which includes the practice of Wiccan Magic, and I say include as this is not all paganism is . Wicca is just one of the Pagan religions. Paganism looks at several ways of making sense of the world we live in .Paganism is a way to gain power, to gain self power in our own lives, a road to self mastery.
Other aspect of Pagans allows them to attune their lives and self with the Natural cycles of Nature, attune themselves and use the energy of the moon’s cycles, and attune with the energy and abundance and power of the sun .
Pagans will use the universe to achieve their goals and attune the universe energy into themselves examining and changing themselves in betterment of their life living harmoniously with nature, our planets, and the universe ,and find the God which is alive within themselves.

How Do Pagans Worship

Pagans worship alone or together like any other religions do . They raise their power by singing ,dancing ,chanting ,drumming, meditating ,praying etc. They use the powers of the universe for healing and deliverance, and to cast spells (prayers) for good and wholesome purpose, eating and drinking and making merry in the worship of their deities and in celebration of life . The men and women of Paganism guard their thoughts as secret as ,this applies directly to the law of attraction ,as thoughts is a powerful spell in themselves.
So how did Paganism Begin To be fair no-body really know ,there is no clear written records as to how or who began this religion, one could just say it lies in the distant past.

One can describe Paganism in early times as just man and women trying to consciously recognise themselves having the attributes of God within themselves and their environment. They may have looked up in the sky and felt some since of connection to the sun or the moon , using the herds of nature to heal themselves in more ways than one ,and just connecting to all the different elements of the universe as they come in contact with elements of crystals and there healing powers.

Man and woman becoming aware of the seasonal powers within the universe ,all this is a part of the pagan religion ,being at one with the universe ,calling on the universe for answers and direction ,finding these answers within themselves ,or in some cases attracting these answers or positive energy . Discovering and naming the universe and its elements as earth Mother and Sky Father.
So is the law of attraction and magic the same thing? Well yes and no .It really depend on how you use the words magic. Most modern law of attraction Gurus will say no, the law of attraction is not magic, it is a natural law. I would say that their answer indicates that they don’t know what magic is, they don’t know what the word means.

They are natural laws use and practice by pagans, the law of Gravity, Boyles Law. the second law of Thermodynamics, these are just a few .and I must say a much older name of the law of attraction is magic or sometimes spelt Magick to differentiate it from stage magic. Magic can be described as the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will.

The will as we know is inate, it comes from us, its in born given to us by God himself . Hence the definition of magic could also be applied to that of the law of attraction if you ask me .

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CALL 09061993039 for a live reading CALL cost £1:50 plus network charge. Call our Premium Rate line: 09069570579 calls cost 75p per minute,plus your network charge. CALL NOW our readers are waiting to help you

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