Crystal Healing Reading

Some psychics and clairvoyants use crystals as cosmic amplifiers of spiritual energies for the purpose of healing in person and from a distance and are used to enhance natural healing energy.Each crystal has its own specific property and will change the quality of the energy for specific healing needs just as light passing though a stained glass window changes colour so healing energy is refined for specific complaints .Some individuals will at times carry a crystal in there pockets this is known to enhance there self-healing abilities and specific crystals may help to overcome specific illness or complaints. Some Psychic can help individuals to focus there energy and bond with the right healing crystals such as the Rose Quartz.This is a very well used healing crystal that can help bring emotional calm and are useful to carry around on ones person. And its also very useful to hold in the palm of your hands during times of crisis and difficulties.

Call 0207 635 5085 / 09061993039 for a live reading

Call 0207 635 5085 / 09061993039 for a live reading to pay by credit card. Calls are charged at a mear £18 for 20 minutes , £27 for 30 minutes and £32 for 40 mins. Call us today, our experience Psychics are here to assist you. Premium Rate line: 09061993030 Calls from this number is charged at £1.50 per minute from any phone plus your network charge. Call anyone of our psychics today and we are sure we can be of support.

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