Zodiac Sign

Aries: March 21-April 20

The energy of the strong and sturdy Ram is co-ruled by the Planet Mars and Pluto. The Ram is strong both in body and will power. You are quick to respond to any situation by leading ahead on a high energy level one could say you charge ahead .You are decision makers in your own rights and confident in giving others directions, but you do not necessarily see all of your decisions through .Aries is the sign of new beginnings and passionate starts when viewed in the aspect of love and relationship .Romantically you will be more compatible and do best with an Gemini, Aquarius or Libra partner or lover. As an Aries person you are creative, adaptive and very insightful. You are very ambitious and high achievers when you set their mind to a task. Aries are fire sign and so too is your personality, however you will still reside with an excellent sense of humour, and you get along generally with almost everyone at the party. You the Aries loves to socialize and knows how to enjoy a good party session. You can however be impatient as you are very strong and seem to always be in a hurry to get things done, but we love you anyway, as you are very devoted friends. You the Aries is a Cardinal sign with a very masculine energy, the birth colour of the Aries are red and the Aries stone is heliotrope, your best d

Taurus: April 21-May 21

The energy of the fierce Bull is ruled by Planet Venus. Venus as you may recall the Roma Goddess whose functionality comprises of love, beauty, sex, fertility and eroticism. Hence people born under Taurus will forever be attracted to all things beautiful, all thing pleasurable. Money, possessions home and the arts are you could say their birthright. Taurus are attracted to pretty things and the luxury of the world ,however you are steadfast achievers ,full of patients ,practicality and loyalty ,however you can exhibit a vile temper if a red flag is waved in your view ,so be ware not to upset the bull’s temper. The Bull rules under Venus is one of the most romantic and sensual of zodiac signs ,Taurus does well or is compatible with Cancer and Pisces.

Like the Bull which represents the Taurus you are strong and will maintain your stamina and will power .The Taurus is also very stubborn by nature and will stand your ground in defending your own thoughts and rights to the bitter end sometimes . However that is ok as you the Taurus is full of love and sympathetic to the needs of others and very appreciative and full of gratitude. You are very understanding and a good listener and problem solver, and when we need someone to unburden our self to, we can often share our deepest thoughts and fears with you the Taurus of the Zodiac. You are very patient, practical and efficient; they are excellent business person and are so wonderful in teaching others or giving instructions. Although the Taurus will initially may have their own best interest at heart, they are endlessness with their generosity and with giving their time, possessions and love.

The Taurus is an Earth sign with a feminine energy this comes from the analogy with Venus as she co-rules the Bull. The colour of the Taurus is green and brown .The stone of the Taurus is Emerald and best day of the week for you the Taurus is Friday. The Taurus loves the tranquillity of life and is very much at one with nature ,you will always find happiness easily ,this is because you are not competitive .You have a very relax attitude and work a lot with your common sense which leads you towards fulfilment ,without even being top of your class or social group. The Taurus is clever however you have a very slow thinking process or approach, however once you have made a decision about something or someone nothing can make you change your mind.

Gemini: May 22-June 22

You are twins ruled by Mercury, you are a brilliant conversationalists, however a very vivid story teller, yet loves to communicate openly. Your twin energy allows you to easily share with other ,very much a quick thinker ,you are and one of the most flexible of the Zodiac signs ,extremely adaptable to immediate situational changes, good balance which helps you to quickly grasp the meaning of a situation and act on it often in a positive effective way .

On the romantic side of life, what can I say you make excellent lovers and good friend; however one has to work hard to maintain the Gemini interest in love and relationship, as the Gemini gets bored easily? The Gemini lives to love and falls in love easily and falls out of love easily as the Gemini love a lot of mental stimulation. You the Gemini will however tend to have a duality to nature, and can sometimes be difficult to predict how you will react. You can turn from hot to cold and have very noticeable mood swings. You the Gemini has a lover is most compatible or best with Virgo’s as the Virgo will serve to ground you without hampering your interest. You are a generous sign with tendencies of being affectionate and imaginative. You will also inspire others easily as you seem to naturally motivate yourself, as your charisma and accomplishments are infectious.

You are very supportive in all you do, and is especially good at promoting and sales, you drive a hard bargain. The energy you carry is Masculine and your colour is green or silver, your stone is the crystal, your very best day of the week is Wednesday. You are very quick thinking and active your natural mobility is such that you are in every place where you are not expected to be .You have a very inquisitive mind ,hence you spend a lot of time learning new things and asking questions of yourself and others .Your curiosity and your quick-wittedness are insatiable ,hence your mind is constantly in turmoil ,moving ,hopping from one topics to the next, and yes solving issues and problems .You are expressive with your thoughts in love and practicality of life.

Cancer: June 23- July 23

The Crab is governed and ruled by the Moon .You are highly sensitive and change your mood quite quickly , which makes you sometimes very likely to pull back and find a sense of security within yourself ,if in doubt. You are great people to be around very nurturing and kind however loves attention and loves to be shown lots of affection, thus it takes someone like the Pisces to understand you fully, as you will never ask for love, but will love the person who gives you love. You the Cancer loves home life and family and domestic settings, you are what we would call a traditionalist person, and enjoy operating or living on a fundamental level. You love to go back in time, share your memory of a situation or tell a story to others thus you love history, and are great in telling family about heraldry ancestry etc. You are a very loyal friend and sympatric when needed, however you do need your own time alone, as you will become withdrawn and moody, you like to take your own time out on your own terms.

You are a Feminine energy sign, your colour is white or black, your stone is moonstone, and your best day of the week is Mondays. Your psychological nature draws you a lot towards past events. Your emotional and sensual side, makes you a good lover, and will only show your true face or vulnerability to those you trust. You are emotional ,peaceful ,imaginative, sensitive ,faithful ,resistant ,protective ,vulnerable ,generous ,romantic ,loving ,anxious ,passive ,dependent ,stubborn ,moody ,lazy ,touchy ,and loves staying at home or inaccessible to others at times .

Leo: July 24-August 22

The Lion is ruled by the Sun , The zodiac sign of the Leo is about power and exuberance of power .You the Leo is a sign of great strength and vigour, independence and natural born leadership attributes ,fierce and protective to those you care for ,and very territorial and at time will show jealousy. You love being the centre of attention the one who stands out the one who wins ,you are very competitive with all you do ,you need to win at any cause ,however will try to play fair as necessary ,but have a very tactical mind and approach in all you do .You the Leo as you love to be the centre in all you do ,you are more compatible or will do best with someone who does not yearn for the centre or the spotlight, thus a great relationship or a lasting relationship in love and romance will be better spend with Sagittarians, Arians and a workable occasionally the Aquarians.

You the Leo are not afraid to let others know your opinion and strength as you have a tendency to be high minded and vocal about your opinions. But that is ok ,as you the Leo is usually correct in your statements ,as you have a way of analyzing a situation and executing swift but just judgement with a beneficial outcome .This comes from you being a natural leader .You are brave strong intelligent and intuitive ,and also headstrong and will full, however beneath that dynamic personality lies a more gorgeous ,loving ,sensitive nature that you will not or do not easily show others .But those how get to know you the Leo will get to see all of you not just your bossy ego .

You are of masculine energy and this is understandable in the sense of your ego, you are also a fire sign, governor by the colour gold or orange, you stone is the diamond and your best day is Sunday . Your Psychological nature is very powerful and dominant and full of self confidence ,You are a leader whose strength and nobleness commands your respect of others with an unchallenged legitimacy ,You are proud determine strong willed majestic ,courageous ,vain ,domineering ,stubborn ,self centred ,violent ,quick tempered and daring

Virgo: August 23-September 22

The Virgin Virgo is ruled by energy of Mercury. You a Virgo is a lover of beautiful things ,you have the eyes of perfection on all you see and associate with . You pay attention to detail and give open solutions ,you are a open thinker not a rational thinker ,you love to accomplish every task in a perfect way and you are very organized and efficient with your every task . You are a hard working individual who loves to work for the own sake of work . Your ideal lover or partner will be Taurus and Capricorns.

You have a very keep mind ,keen to learn and to help others ,full on conversation and pleasant to talk with ,very easy going and charming personality ,very skill full in obtaining important clarity from others without creating suspicion .Virgo are naturally intuitive and as a very good memory ,which one can describe at time as extraordinary . However with all that said you still need to balance your life in other ways ,as you have a tendency to be short tempered ,impatient and self serving at times .You are an excellent team mate in social events and work environments ,and you are endeavour to freely express your own opinion to others .

You are Earth sign and of Feminine energy, you carry the colour green or yellow and your stone of choice is the Agate, your best day of the week is Wednesday. Your psychological nature is secondary, you are cautious before you take any paramagnet action, and will review all possible alternatives and reactions. You will try to find the best possible solution in each and every area of your life or situation. You are not a spontaneous person ,you do not also accept spontaneity and ,to fully enjoy life and go further , You are bright and brainy ,attentive to detail and numbers ,you are honest and reserved ,and at times shy ,Your intellectual aspect of life will intervene before the physical and emotional attributes in you . Your intellect is one of your most valued attributes.

Libra: September 23-October 23

The balance scale of the Libran is govern and rules by Venus and Saturn .You are a very kind, attractive, and very much willing to formulate partnership with others, making you a good person to makes friends with, and one that will be a true friend, however can be quiet and shy and if not persuaded to come out of there shell they will remain undiscovered. You are always concern with getting the balance right in a situation, giving justice to a situation and to yourself; however you can get so concern with justice and equal balance that you sometimes forget to enjoy the situation or moment. You will easily and naturally surround yourself with harmony and beauty as Venus as your ruling planet and the use of your intuition draws you to the harmony and beauty you seek. You have a keen intuitive head, however often underestimate your own knowledge and knowing, you are very understanding and caring. As a Libran you are most compatible with or do best with Gemini’s, Aquarians and Aries.

Intellectually you make a good debater, and often will prove a point or provide an answer seemly out of now where, your knowledge always needs balance .As a masculine energy sign and the second air sign, your colour is blue and red and your stone is opal, your best day of the week is Friday. You are sentimental, charming, polite, loyal fair light hearted, sometimes weak to others needs, and possible fragile at times

Scorpion: October 24-November 22

You are Rules by the planet Pluto and Mars, You persona resides very intense. Outwardly you are seen as calm, however inwardly you are fierce and bold in your personality and nothing escape your attention, you are in control cool and calm and confident . You can seemly surmount and surpass most is not all obstacle when you focus your abilities or put your mind to the task. You can be UN moved or unshakable when the situation demands that of you .You carry and possess a very strong erotic desire sexually, you are an extremist in all you do however you will play your cards close to your chest; you are therefore most compatible with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. You are often very misunderstood, and can be withdrawn at time, however not for long periods, being a solar animal you carry much force and vigour and determination, and can be at time argumentative and give a powerful sting because for you a challenge is healthy and natural. As a feminine energy and water sign ,you colours are black ,and dark red and your stone is malachite, your best day of the week is Tuesday ,with all your strength and vigour ,you are still at times very impulsive. You cannot refrain from testing others, and it’s not because you want to hurt them it’s just your nature and it keeps you feeling alive inside.

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 22

As the Archer you are ruled by the energy and plant Jupiter. You are a philosopher among the zodiac signs you have a great ability to focus in extreme situation and get others to so the same .Your words stand strong and intense. However the need to focus and channel your insight and energy is paramount or you will waste time easily and tire yourself out in certain circumstances, and seeming will go in several directs hence wasting time. You need to be patient and you will see results, not everything suites a quick result.

You are so free and loving ,you live and free life ,and will fight a good fight for that freedom if necessary You are extremely optimistic and feels the best is always ahead in every situation .You are an adventurer at heart a mover and shaker some would say ,hence you do not don well with long term commitment, as you like the fun of life hence you would do well in a relationship with a Gemini,Libran,and Aquarian when it comes to love and relationship .

You will get on your feet quickly when faced with failure, with you masculine energy and you preferred colours Indigo, Orange and red, it’s no wonder you are seen as one of the strongest of fire sign s. Your stone is Carbucle, and your best day of the week is Thursday. With your unanswered spirit you love to travel and would in most cases prefer jobs which allow you to travel .Your psychological nature is extroverted and very independent. You have the strong qualities and soul of a leader; you are energetic and active always on the go. You a Sagittarius is very hard to follow as your integrated ,free spirited and independent mind constantly leads you to go further and higher in all you do.

Capricorn: December 23-Janauary 21

You are the Goat whom is ruled by the planet Saturn, You character trait include you love being at the top of the ladder, you are very driven and ambitious, carrying a high sense of responsibility. When it comes to relationship and love you will do best with Taureans, Cancers and Pisces.

You are a sign of the Earth, ruled by the planet Saturn, You are of a feminine energy, with your colours being black grey, green and brown, your stone is Jade and your best day of the week is Saturday. You are an introvert by nature and at times can be very cold and in total control of your emotional state. Your inner personality is often your charm, however others have to get real close for you to reveal the other side of whom you are. Your serious attitude and discipline way of being, complements your hard working ability.

Aquarius: January 22-February 19

You are the water bearer of the zodiac, you are ruled by the planet Uranus and Saturn. You are a very strong motivational and development sign, you love to use and develop new technology and insight; you are a progressive thinker who will always have the latest in gadgets. You are a good friend and will be faithful to the people or person you consider to be your friends, you do best in relationships with Gemini’s and Libras. You are a strong air sign with a masculine energy and strength, your best colour of choice are indigo, navy and blue, your stone is sapphire, you most favourable day of the week is Saturday.

You area idealistic, altruistic, detatched independent, original in your ways, and yet contradictory to others, you are still indeed very likable, friendly and self confident. You are sometime impassive, quite and very intuitive and at times charitable; you love the outdoors and will choose that over an indoor activity. You are not easily amused and will often move on your way to do things I a quite way ,often an unorthodox way ,however you will still bring about great results ,as you are highly intelligent and honest , Your natural love for nature makes you very easy going and a natural friend to most, you reside with a constant philosophical thought and loves to be poetic in your expression.

Pisces: February 20 – March 21

You are very much a water sign the fish ,you are ruler by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, you are always moving ,very productive ,and will always be on the lookout for new opportunities as you allow yourself to be pulled along by the currents of life .You are very creative and the most intuitive of all the zodiac signs, you are deep affectionate to others needs ,and very artistic by nature . In love you are always seeking your soul make hence you will do well in love and relationship with Cancers, Scorpions and Taurians.

You acquire vast amount of knowledge, but other around you would never know you have this knowledge as you keep an extremely low profile compared to other zodiac signs. You are honest trust worthy and often have a quite disposition. You can however be over cautious and sometime quite gullible and too trusting, these qualities can at times cause others to take advantage of you. You are beautiful and gentle and generous person to be with and around, you give without expectation of returns. However unfortunately in the end you will be the victor of an ill circumstance this is because your intense determination of passion and devotion to a cause that of a friend or family.

As a water sign you carry a feminine energy in the 12 house, your colour is green and your best day of the week is Thursday. You love to travel and enjoy a good balance social life .You are hard working and very energetic ,you love to absorb information ,with your psychological nature being adoptive and receptive , you do not therefore waste time over analysing an situation ,you will wipe out any sort of differentiation as you oppose opposition and conflict and individual reactions . You love everyone to get along and be as one.

You are emotional ,sensitive dedicated ,adaptable ,lovely wonderful and compassionate ,Romantic and imaginative ,flexible opportunistic and very intuitive ,you are impossible to categorised ,as you can also be irrational ,seductive ,secretive and at time introverted and charming at the same time . You have a ten dance to be moody and confused and at time s vulnerable and unpredictable and gullible.

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